Oops: Hillary’s GOTV ground game may have actually turned out Trump voters

Oops: Hillary’s GOTV ground game may have actually turned out Trump voters

[Ed. – That’ll frost your cookies.  Emphasis in original.]

As hard as this is to believe given how highly touted the Clinton GOTV effort was, it makes some sense once you realize where the fatal error probably lay. Democrats assumed that white women and working-class whites who had voted for Obama would stick with Clinton this time for the most part, especially in the Rust Belt. Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania were part of the blue firewall, weren’t they? Well, there you go. No need to even visit Wisconsin. Their loyalty was taken for granted. So when the time came to call the troops onto the battlefield, the call went out — without fully realizing how many of them had already switched sides.

Volunteers for the Clinton campaign in Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina have reported that when reminding people to vote, they encountered a significant number of Trump voters. Anecdotal evidence points to anywhere from five to 25 percent of contacts were inadvertently targeted to Trump supporters. …

Volunteers reported as many as 30% of the replies they received from voters they were urging to get out were Trump supporters.


The larger point…that Clinton badly underestimated how far working-class whites had drifted from the party, is obviously correct.

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