Liberals, chill out about Trump victory

Liberals, chill out about Trump victory

When President Barack Obama suggested that Americans might soon be on Mars, who knew that he’d be flooded with volunteers? The victory of Donald Trump last night has many liberals saying that they don’t want to live on this planet anymore. Social media is in meltdown. The website for Canadian immigration crashed.

Everyone should calm down. The last few hours have actually shown that the transition from Obama to Trump will be smoother than folks fear. Trump’s victory speech was his best yet: gracious and even touching.

Hillary Clinton took awhile [sic] to concede, but when she did she urged the country to get behind its president-elect. And Obama committed himself to a fine transition. All of this is evidence that the office of the president is bigger than the occupant, and governing functions at a higher level than campaigning. Trump is on his way to the White House. Now the Constitution kicks in.

He will be shown respect. He will also be scrutinized. The media will be on his back 24/7, and he’ll give them plenty to report.

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