Election week sees biggest stock rebound since 2008

Election week sees biggest stock rebound since 2008
(Image via HuffPo)

The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged nearly 900 points on election night but soared to an all-time high within days, the biggest stock market rebound since 2008, according to an investment analyst.

As election results trickled in on Tuesday night showing a strong showing for Donald Trump, the Dow plummeted due to uncertainty and shock.

The Dow began to rebound after Hillary Clinton conceded on Wednesday, increasing by 257 points. By Thursday, the Dow surged to an all-time high, increasing by 250 points.

Tom Elliott, an investment analyst at deVere Group, an independent financial advisory organization, says this is the biggest stock market rebound since 2008.

“Against most analysts’ predictions, the S&P 500 ended yesterday in positive territory,” Elliott said. “Investors focused on three planks of Trump’s economic policy that are seen as beneficial to the U.S. stock market.”

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