Barbara Boxer, Chelsea Handler break down in tears over Hillary loss

Barbara Boxer, Chelsea Handler break down in tears over Hillary loss
Image: YouTube screen grab via Chelsea

California Senator Barbara Boxer was called upon to counsel Chelsea Handler on her Netflix show that was taped the day after the presidential election results. Talk about a meltdown – in Thursday’s episode titled “The Day After with Sen. Barbara Boxer,” both women were in tears that Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. It was a ridiculous spectacle.

Chelsea Handler opened with a self-serving throwaway line – she’ll suck it up and do the show to honor Hillary Clinton though she is depressed and confused over the election results. What a precious snowflake-type of show opener.

“My heart is on the floor,” said outgoing California Senator Barbara Boxer. “I’ve learned how painful politics can be. But you don’t run away. You pick yourself up, as the president says, and you fight even harder for the country because it’s ours.” Two things there – Hillary Clinton ran away on election night and refused to make her concession speech to the loyal supporters who waited all night to hear it, and excuse me, this country is for all Americans, not just the Democrats.

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