Anti-Trump protesters beat, hospitalize man’s dog

Anti-Trump protesters beat, hospitalize man’s dog
Dog beaten by leftist protesters (with shunt in his neck to drain fluid). (Image: Twitter via Conservative Firing Line)

[Ed. – The full account, at the link, is not for the squeamish.  Note that the dog’s owner indicates they were left-wing protesters.  Sorry, there is no having political “unity” with people like this.]

How sick and twisted are liberals?  According to a report at Twitchy, so sick that they actually assaulted and brutally beat a man’s dog over Donald Trump.

According to the report, Arthur Schwartz was simply walking his dog in New York City when the animal was attacked by violent liberals apparently seeking revenge for Trump’s victory. …

According to the report, liberals threw bottles at them and kicked the dog.  As a result, the animal suffered cuts all over his body, and had to have a drain in his neck to allow drainage from a wound.

According to Schwartz, the assailants threw a bottle at them and missed him, but the dog was struck in the head.  After that, they threw more things at the dog and began kicking him…

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