Why the Latino vote didn’t ‘save America’

Why the Latino vote didn’t ‘save America’
A member of the group Latinos for Trump

As someone who had, just 24 hours earlier, asserted that Latino voters would turn out in droves for Hillary Clinton and help save the republic from Donald Trump, I spent Election Night with huevos rancheros on my face.

I was wrong. Actually, I was right but I was wrong.

I was right that Latinos did turn out big, at least in early voting….

But I was wrong that Latino voters would save the country by helping to elect Clinton and defeat Trump. Obviously that didn’t happen. The Republican nominee had a firewall of his own.


Never mind the country. Now that Trump has been elected the nation’s 45th president, it is Latinos who may soon need saving.

After all, it’s not enough to say that the relationship between the president-elect and America’s largest minority is tense or awkward. It’s downright poisonous. If Latinos have any hesitance about Trump, it’s only because many of them can’t figure out if they merely hate him or downright loathe the man.

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