Great news: Chinese official becomes first Communist-nation head of Interpol

Great news: Chinese official becomes first Communist-nation head of Interpol
Interpol headquarters in Lyon, France. (Image: Wikimedia Commons; Massimiliano Mariani - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link )

[Ed. – A thudding reminder that the real world still goes barreling in the wrong direction out there.  Minor as this may seem, it’s likely to begin affecting Americans along with other nations’ citizens in the coming days.  Interpol might be another organization the U.S. looks seriously at pulling out of.  But that won’t make it safer to be a U.S. citizen abroad, if Interpol and its member nations adopt policies that are hostile on the margins.]

The international police organization, Interpol, elected a Chinese security official as its president Thursday, raising concerns among human rights advocates that the appointment could fortify Beijing’s efforts to hunt down political opponents abroad.

The organization’s general assembly elected Meng Hongwei, China’s vice minister for public security for the past 12 years, to the post effective immediately during a meeting in Bali, Indonesia.

“We currently face some of the most serious global public security challenges since World War II,” Meng said at the meeting.

Interpol, an intergovernmental organization that facilitates police cooperation, also appointed a Russian police official, Alexander Prokopchuk, as its vice president for Europe.

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