Brave new world: Massive need for therapy erupts in NYC; offices swamped

Brave new world: Massive need for therapy erupts in NYC; offices swamped
Destroyer of worlds? (Image via

[Ed. – Although interestingly, at least one practitioner apparently reports people seeking help because they’re “really happy.”  I guess that’s being out of balance too.]

Anxiety is so high in the Big Apple following Trump’s astonishing presidential win that patients are rushing to their therapists to book emergency therapy sessions.

Dr. Chloe Carmichael, a clinical psychologist and stress management expert based in Manhattan, said she was already swamped at 7 a.m. Wednesday helping her clients navigate their emotions surrounding the election’s results.

“It was something that came up immediately,” she told The Post.

And it wasn’t just Carmichael’s existing patients who needed someone to talk to about the 2016 race.

“We did get a couple of calls from new clients who want to come in because they’re disappointed, very sad or honestly even really happy,” Carmichael said.

Midtown psychologist Bruce Berman said one of his gay patients needed to come in immediately.

“He was worried about what this was going to mean for him and other gay people,” Berman said. “His worry is that they’re going to roll back rights. He was also concerned about an increase in anti-gay violence.”

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