Plouffe: ‘Never been as wrong on anything in my life’

Plouffe: ‘Never been as wrong on anything in my life’

David Plouffe may have chided Democrats for “wetting the bed” before Election Day, but now even the mind behind Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign admits he was wrong about this year’s presidential race.

“Never been as wrong on anything on my life,” Plouffe, Obama’s 2008 campaign manager, tweeted early Wednesday. “Still a beating heart in [Wisconsin] and the 2 [congressional districts]. But sobriety about what happened tonight is essential.”

Plouffe, now an Uber board member, is credited with helping engineer the ground game that powered Obama through two elections. And he continued to express optimism about Clinton’s organizing heading into the election.

A number of key battleground states remain outstanding, but in a crazy scenario Plouffe used to joke about with then-Sen. Obama, a possibility exists that one congressional district could swing the race.

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Both Nebraska and Maine award some of their Electoral College votes by congressional district, and Obama carried the Omaha-based 2nd District in 2008. Trump has viewed its counterpart in Maine as a key pickup opportunity this year.

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