Hillary Clinton had concession speech ready, but she was too upset to give it

Hillary Clinton had concession speech ready, but she was too upset to give it
Image: LU staff (via Shutterstock)

Hillary Clinton had her concession speech prepared – she just never thought she’d need to read it out loud.

And when the moment came early today to admit that her lifelong dream of becoming America’s first woman president had been dashed, she simply couldn’t face the world.

The devastated Democratic candidate remained locked in her New York hotel room as it became clear that her glass ceiling had come crashing down around her.

And she was left ruing what could have been while Donald Trump was celebrating his unlikely election day triumph on stage at another hotel just two miles across Manhattan.

The party had gone flat several hours earlier at New York’s Javits Centre, where, if the pollsters were to be believed, Mrs Clinton was a sure fire bet to celebrate a runaway victory.

The steady stream of states falling to her Republican rival meant that the votes being counted in Mrs Clinton’s favour in the early hours were gradually proving useless. They were simply not enough.

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