Hillary attacks founders for saying ‘all men are created equal’

Hillary attacks founders for saying ‘all men are created equal’
Image: NBC News video screen grab

Not only does Democrat Hillary Clinton hate average Americans, she hates the founding of America itself. While … speaking at a Pennsylvania area church on Sunday, she attacked the founders for saying that all men are created equal.

“Here in America, when our founders said all men are created equal, well they left out African Americans, they left out women, they left out a lot of us, but that didn’t stop generations of Americans from pushing forward, making clear we were not satisfied with just half measures,” she said.

Breitbart added:

Clinton spoke from the pulpit to a largely African American congregation of Mount Airy Church of God in Christ, in Philadelphia.

“We didn’t all get to vote, did we?” she said, lumping in women’s struggle for equality together with slavery.

Clinton put her campaign for president in historical context, suggesting that her election would help move the country forward towards a “more perfect union.”

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