About that video of Obama encouraging illegal immigrants to vote…

About that video of Obama encouraging illegal immigrants to vote…

Several sites have posted a video of a segment from Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business program that appears to show President Barack Obama saying there would be no repercussions if illegal immigrants voted in Tuesday’s presidential election.

Here’s the video of the segment with Cavuto’s reaction. (We’ll get to the full transcript in a moment)

CAVUTO: I cant believe I heard what I heard.   It’s very clear the question is about illegals who may vote and afraid they might be reported to border security. You’re illegal, you cannot vote. And the President of the United States is saying ‘don’t worry no one will be spying on you or catching you.’

Whether you’re for the President of against the President… whether you’re pro immigration reform or anti-immigration reform, you’re ignoring the fact you’ve been questioned about illegal voting which you cant do. Why? because you’re not a citizen of this country.

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