Suddenly slow: DOJ tells court it will take till after 2020 to release all Hillary emails

Suddenly slow: DOJ tells court it will take till after 2020 to release all Hillary emails
Image: MSNBC video screen grab

[Ed. – Lightning speed for the Comey decision involving 650,000 emails — a trip back from the Delta Quadrant at sub-warp for the release of fewer emails to the public.]

The slow-drip release of e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state may drag on beyond the first term of the next president, according to a timetable presented in court Monday by a Justice Department lawyer.

It may take five years for the State Department and other government agencies to vet, redact and release the remaining messages recovered from Clinton’s private e-mail server as well as those found more recently on a laptop used by a top aide, based on the pace proposed by Justice Department lawyer Lisa Olson.

“I’m not satisfied with saying, ‘go ahead, take five years and do this,’” responded U.S. District Judge James Boasberg, who’s presiding over a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the conservative government watchdog Judicial Watch. …

State Department officials are looking over tens of thousands of messages recovered by FBI from decommissioned computer servers that housed the private e-mail system Clinton relied on while working as secretary of state. Almost 15,000 were contained on the first of seven disks of data the Federal Bureau of Investigation gleaned from those devices, of which about 5,600 were deemed work-related.

But that leaves thousands of additional documents on two more disks, Olson, the Justice department lawyer, told the judge on Monday.

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