Marine Corps makes fitness safe, friendly, affirming now – with yoga

Marine Corps makes fitness safe, friendly, affirming now – with yoga

[Ed. – Downward-facing Devil Dog, anyone?  (I mean, you had to see that one coming.)]

It’s further reported that;

The first job for the new instructors, however, may be changing the mindset for Marines around fitness.

When Marine recruits enter boot camp, physical exercise, or ‘incentive training,’ is used as punishment and correction to harden them and prepare them for the rigors of service, Staff Sgt. Beau Hancock, an instructor at the Quantico fitness instructor class told in an interview. The problem, he said, comes when Marines retain that negative mentality of exercise as punishment after they enter the fleet.

At one with the latest pop psycho-babble instead of what’s worked for generations of Marines, Hancock added, “If I negatively reinforce someone over and over again, it’s going to break someone down.”


But if the induced mental anguish is taking its toll on any given bubble wrapped dandelion of a Marine, Gunnery Sgt. Dimyas Perdue, has what may be the perfect stress reliever for body and mind, yoga;

“Yoga is a bad thing to the studs,” Perdue said, “but that’s something we can do to ensure our body is ready.”

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