Judges in NC, PA refuse to let Dems exclude GOP poll-watchers

Judges in NC, PA refuse to let Dems exclude GOP poll-watchers

[Ed. – Openly mendacious left calls this “judges allowing GOP to harass voters.”  Emphasis added, to highlight once again how “reporting” is turned into “false narrative creation.”]

Federal judges in North Carolina and Pennsylvania have turned down Democratic Party requests for orders barring their Republican counterparts from harassing voters at the polls.

In their rulings Monday, both judges said there was insufficient evidence to justify the injunctions Democrats sought against state GOP officials, Donald Trump’s campaign, Trump backer Roger Stone and his group Stop the Steal. …

Philadelphia-based U.S. District Court Judge Paul Diamond said the Democrats failed to produce any real evidence that pro-Trump groups were planning to intimidate those intent on exercising their right to vote.

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“Plaintiff has not shown that any Defendant has engaged or will engage in voter intimidation in this District,” Diamond wrote in a 16-page opinion issued Monday afternoon. Both judges held hearings on the Democrats’ motions earlier in the day.

Diamond was harshly critical of the Democrats for approaching the court with so few days to go before the election.

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