How the election could get even crazier on Nov. 9

How the election could get even crazier on Nov. 9
(Image via Texas Tribune)

In just a few days, this utterly not-of-this-world election will come to an end, and we can start trying to make sense of what has happened.

Or maybe not. With the race apparently tightening in its final days, following FBI Director James Comey’s bombshell disclosure on Friday, we could be entering a twilight zone on November 9 that will make the 37-day struggle to pick a president in 2000 look like business as usual. In fact, we may face not one but a series of genuine constitutional crises.

It begins somewhere around dawn on Wednesday, November 9, when we discover that the election has ended in a 269-269 tie. The odds are still heavily against it, but when you realize that there are close contests in states both blue and red, when Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Utah and Alaska are in doubt, it’s at least a plausible outcome.

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