Stephen Hawking warns mankind to stop reaching out to aliens – they might find us

Stephen Hawking warns mankind to stop reaching out to aliens – they might find us
The star that couldn't emit straight -- harassed by an alien megastructure? Tabby's Star (Image via

[Ed. – So many buried cosmological premises; so little time.  Hawking really shouldn’t worry.  We have Noah Wylie.]

When the potential of intelligent alien civilisations comes up in conversation, it’s usually about the search. How will we find them? Where are they? Are they there at all? What actions should we take if – or when – we find them, or they find us?

Well, according to physicist Stephen Hawking, we should probably stop trying to contact them at all, because reaching out to advanced civilisations could put humanity and Earth in a pretty risky situation. And the bad news is, we’ve already been broadcasting our location to the Universe for years. …

Despite Hawking’s extraordinary effort to find intelligent life in the Universe, he is one of the most outspoken critics of actually trying to communicate with them, an act that he says would potentially endanger humanity, because a distant alien civilisation might view us as inferior, weak, and perfect to conquer.

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