Lying Seattle won’t tell public how much they’ve collected with ‘gun violence tax’

Lying Seattle won’t tell public how much they’ve collected with ‘gun violence tax’
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[Ed. – The excuse Seattle is making is the lie.  The probable truth, meanwhile, is obvious.]

The tax was ostensibly passed to fund a program at the Harborview Medical Center designed to “reduce the aftereffects of gun violence.”

So how much money has this scheme brought in to advance this important work? We have no idea because the city is refusing to release the tax data to the media. (Seattle Post Intelligencer)


[Online journalist Dave] Workman sought the city’s tax revenue from the gun violence tax, but the city government declined to divulge the information, claiming that such records could compromise the identities of the people who have paid the tax. …

Its logic: When the tax base is so small, release of the aggregate data could reveal the identity of individual taxpayers and how much they paid, which is protected information by state law. … filed the same public records request at the end of September and received the same response.


[W]e get something of a hint as to why they are being so secretive about this from their answer to the request. It’s found in their description of, “a tax base … so small.”

Proponents of the tax claimed that it would raise between $300,000 to $500,000 for their “gun violence research” while it was being debated. In reality, they’ve probably collected only a tiny fraction of that amount. … [O]ne of the city’s shops – Precise Shooter – closed up as soon as the tax went into effect and moved to the suburbs where they wouldn’t have to jack up their costs. One of the other few remaining gun shops, Outdoor Emporium, tells the Seattle PI that they’ve lost more than two million dollars in sales this year and laid off three workers. The owner estimates that he’s sent $60,000 to the city from the gun tax and he’s one of the only remaining businesses selling firearms and ammunition.

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