HuffPo writer melts down over a guy open-carrying near a Virginia polling place

HuffPo writer melts down over a guy open-carrying near a Virginia polling place

[Ed. – These folks wouldn’t have died the first winter after landing at Plymouth Rock; they would have died in the first hour.  HuffPo mentions twice that this was in “the nation’s richest county.”  Umm, OK.  ??]

A man wearing a Donald Trump shirt and carrying a weapon stood outside a voting location in Loudoun County, Virginia, on Friday. Authorities in the nation’s richest county are apparently OK with that.

Erika Cotti encountered the man when she went to vote at the county’s registrar’s office, she told The Huffington Post. Virginia doesn’t have early voting per se, but voters can cast in-person absentee ballots for a host of reasons, like if they’re going to be out of the county or city on Election Day.

“I had my 9-year-old son with me. I felt intimidated,” Cotti said. “And I had to explain to my 9-year-old why a man with a 357 magnum is standing outside the polling station.” …

Judy Brown, Loudoun County registrar, confirmed that the man was standing outside her office in Leesburg and handing out GOP literature. …

Brown noted that the man was “being nice” to people, and that he appeared to respecting the observed 40-foot no-canvassing zone outside of the entrance.

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