Ayatollah weighs in: Presidential campaign ‘enough to destroy U.S. image’

Ayatollah weighs in: Presidential campaign ‘enough to destroy U.S. image’

[Ed. – And you know those ayatollahs are my top source for image assessment.]

Iran’s supreme leader ripped the U.S. presidential election this week, telling students in Tehran that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump “are inadvertently exposing the realities and the catastrophes within the U.S.”

“In the years past, we would talk about fewer debacles within the U.S., and a group of individuals would not or did not want to accept the truth; nowadays, remarks made by the candidates during these debates display the reality of dwindling human values within the United States,” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said, according to remarks posted on his English-language website.

Focusing on the issues of racial discrimination, poverty and income inequality, he added, “The deprivation of human values and human rights, and the prevalence of discrimination and racism are today’s realties of the American society.”

“…The remarks made by these two U.S. presidential candidates over the last few weeks on immoral issues — which are, for most part, not baseless accusations — are enough to disgrace America.”

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