What the next four years might look like if Trump somehow wins

What the next four years might look like if Trump somehow wins

[Ed. – Shorter John Ziegler: ‘The sky will fall.’]

There will be immediate astonishment and fear not just here, but around the entire world. Global financial markets will tank, if not crash, at least in the short run, as everyone comes to grips with the extreme uncertainty of an unqualified conman having taken over the most important position in the world. He is far more of one than even Barack Obama was when the news media got him elected in 2008.

There will be enormous teeth-gnashing in the news media about whether the American experiment is officially over and whether we are still the country we thought we were. Panicked minority groups will surely protest the results and may even break into nationwide riots.

Trump’s win will be blamed on the FBI Director’s letter and, especially if that inquiry turns out to have been based on nothing significant, his election will be seen as inherently illegitimate. Our already severe political divisions will be greatly exacerbated. America’s standing in the global community will be instantaneously diminished.

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