The ‘leftover people’ may deliver a win for Trump

The ‘leftover people’ may deliver a win for Trump
Women for trump rally (Image: YouTube screen grab via ALL DONALD TRUMP SPEECHES & RALLIES 2016)

Suppose that Donald Trump wins the presidency.

Suppose that in spite of all of the personality defects, the insults, the sex scandals, and the seemingly cavalier attitude toward debate preparation, the voters decide to ignore the messenger and pay attention to his message. And as a result, suppose that Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — what Michael Moore calls “the Brexit states” — and enough other toss-ups defy the current trends and give Trump a comfortable margin of victory in the electoral college. What message will Americans, particularly Democrats, take from such a turn of events?

Consider that the Real Clear Politics average of polls shows, by a 64-29 percent margin, that Americans believe that the country is headed on the wrong track. The principal components of that sentiment are legion.

Disapproval of the Affordable Care Act — the Health and Human Services reported last month that federal exchange premiums will rise by an average of 25 percent next year — is as great as ever. Voters are not convinced after six years that insuring the unfortunate really required the appropriation, increased cost, and constriction of everyone else’s health care plans.

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