I’m a woman, I’m voting for Trump, and it wasn’t even a close call

I’m a woman, I’m voting for Trump, and it wasn’t even a close call

The Hillary Clinton campaigners have gone after my white, suburban, college-educated mom group hard this election season. She needs us to win the White House. This is especially true since I live in the swing state of North Carolina. With Donald Trump leading among men in battleground states, Clinton needs women like me to turn out in big numbers.

Historically, women like me have voted Republican, but that’s not a forgone conclusion. We are open to change, and all of a sudden, the late GenXer/millennial mom is now a coveted swing group that can alter the course of a national election. Clinton has exploited this opportunity by repeatedly declaring how misogynistic Trump is and how we need to “be with her” and make history together by voting for the first woman president.

While I would have loved to make history by voting in the first president of my gender, that’s not going to happen this time. I’m voting for Trump. It’s not because I’m blind to his many faults; I see them perfectly. But they pale in comparison to Clinton’s, not only her lack of trustworthiness and political corruption but her deeply flawed policies.

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