What happens if Donald Trump loses?

What happens if Donald Trump loses?

One man has made this year’s US presidential election the most extraordinary ever.

It has been an electric slugfest, democracy at its most vibrant and shameful.

More mud has been flung around than is churned up in that quintessential American sport of big trucks with big tyres screeching through the Georgia mud pits.

This was Donald Trump’s election, even if he loses. Particularly if he loses.

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The forces he has unleashed and validated won’t go away. He is an incarnation of a mood, which has become a movement.

The really startling thing about Donald Trump is not how exceptional he is, but how much he is part of an American mainstream.

Those who made headlines a few days ago, threatening bloody revolution and a march on Washington if Hillary Clinton wins, can be ignored.

But what they shout tells you something about the mood of their milder fellow Trumpists.

The adage that a win by a single vote is a win, is only partly true.

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