Democrats’ 5 lamest excuses for Obamacare’s 22% premium hike

Democrats’ 5 lamest excuses for Obamacare’s 22% premium hike

Excuse #1: Few Americans are affected by Obamacare’s premium hikes

…It’s around 3 percent of the country,” argued former Obama official Austan Goolsbee on The Kelly File. But Austan and others have it economically backwards.

There are three categories of people affected by Obamacare’s exchange premium hikes. The first are people enrolled in exchange-based coverage: the 3 percent. The second are people who are enrolled in off-exchange individual market coverage: another 2.5 percent. The third are the thirty million people who remain uninsured because they can’t afford Obamacare-based premiums: another 10 percent.

Add all those people up, and you get to over 50 million Americans: roughly one-sixth of the population.

Excuse #2: Obamacare’s premium hikes don’t matter, because we can subsidize them

The Obama administration’s rate hike report spilled a lot of pixels noting that 84 percent of Obamacare exchange enrollees receive some sort of taxpayer-funded subsidy, and that many of these individuals will be insulated from the worst of the premium hikes as a result. That’s true: but only for the time being.

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