The black pushback to Hillary Clinton: A coalition of black clergy could spell trouble

The black pushback to Hillary Clinton: A coalition of black clergy could spell trouble
Image: YouTube screen grab (via NBC News)

Not that she needed any more bad news, but it looks like Hillary Clinton has a problem with a segment of black voters who could sink her campaign in the final week before Election Day.

On Monday, a group of ministers and theologians affiliated with the Church of God in Christ (COGIC), an evangelical Christian denomination with more than 6 million members, marched to Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters to drop off a sternly worded “Open Letter to Hillary Clinton Regarding Religious Freedom for Black America.”

I know and respect many of the people who signed the letter and organized the effort, including the leader of Monday’s action, Jacqueline Rivers of Boston, and Bishop Charles Blake of Los Angeles, the presiding leader of COGIC. They are morally earnest, thoughtful and socially conservative leaders of a movement whose members collectively staff countless storefront churches, soup kitchens, homeless shelters and other institutions aimed at the rescue and redemption of the poor.

They are a world away from the popular caricature of black ministers as hustlers who spend more time on scheming than salvation. These are folk who aren’t looking for money, favors, fame or photo ops.

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