Oh, look: More stolen, forged ballots in Florida

Oh, look: More stolen, forged ballots in Florida
(Image via Texas Tribune)

[Ed. – But Democrats will claim that nothing happened here, because “no one has been arrested.”]

[T]here’s one group of people who the early voting is decidedly not going well for at all. Those would be the folks who were victims of voter fraud and had their absentee ballots stolen, forged and turned in by someone else. (Orlando Sentinel)

By mid-October, Susan Halperin became concerned that she and her husband hadn’t received their absentee ballots in the mail.

So Lawrence Halperin called the Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Office to find out what was going on. He was stunned to learn their ballots had already been cast. Someone had stolen the Halperins’ ballots, faked their signatures and voted. …

Supervisor of Elections Mike Ertel said they were among five voters in three homes in Spring Valley whose absentee ballots were stolen and then fraudulently submitted with votes cast by someone else.


Did we learn of these forgeries because the police are working diligently with election officials to monitor and verify all voting activity? No, we did not. We only know about it because one couple became alarmed when they didn’t receive their ballots and contacted the county to complain. Some more checking turned up three more people with the same complaint.

What that tells me is that if they’d simply forgotten to look for their ballots in the mail and gone on vacation, we’d never have known about this.

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