Got your definition of stupid right here: U.S. showcases ballistic missile sub visit to Guam

Got your definition of stupid right here: U.S. showcases ballistic missile sub visit to Guam

[Ed. – Not even Jack Kennedy’s “brain trust” was this stupid.  This is unfathomably moronic.  This isn’t how you do nuclear-weapons power.  This is how 8-year-old boys play “war” in the back yard.  To reassure Asian allies, you do things that actually stop China from changing the virtual geography of the South China Sea.  You do things that actually deter Kim Jong-Un from enriching uranium and detonating nuclear warheads.  You back your longstanding ally Japan in her island disputes with China and Russia.  You actually care about Indonesia and Australia, instead of visiting Indonesia once or twice in eight years and talking about yourself the whole time, and occasionally checking the map to remember where Queensland is.  You partner with India every way you can think of, and then you think of some more.  You slaughter ISIS and the Taliban until they’re in a better frame of mind, and then you slap them around for a while for good measure.  You show the way deterring Iran, instead of explaining every other week how the dog ate your homework.  You keep your ballistic missile submarines on patrol, making like a black hole in the ocean 24/365, and you make sure no one ever, ever sees them.  Because, besides the fact that Russia and China also have ballistic missile submarines, and theirs work just fine too, that black-hole-in-the-ocean-24/365 thing is the whole ever-loving point.]

The U.S. Navy has sent a ballistic missile submarine to Guam as a show of America’s commitment to its allies in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

The USS Pennsylvania arrived in Apra Harbor, Guam, for a “scheduled port visit” on Monday, the Navy said in a statement, describing the visit as a complement to the “many exercises, training, operations, and other military cooperation activities conducted between the U.S. and its partner nations.”

The announcement comes amid high tensions in the region resulting from North Korea’s nuclear program. Pyongyang has recently conducted a handful of missile and nuclear tests and threatened to launch a preemptive nuclear strike if threatened by the United States.

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