Trump wins mock election of young people

Trump wins mock election of young people
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If you listen to all the false media hype, you would believe that Hillary Clinton has a huge lead over Donald Trump among young voters, but that may not be the case….

Willmar Senior High School in Willmar, Minnesota held a mock election among their students this past Tuesday during the lunch hour. The election was part of a statewide program designed to get young people more engaged in the election-voting process. Throughout the state of Minnesota, around 282 high schools are participating in the mock election program.


In Tuesday’s vote, around 40% of the Willmar’s 1,200 students took time during their lunch hour to cast their ballots. A total of 514 ballots were cast of which 207 were for Trump and 179 for Clinton. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson received 41 votes and Legal Marijuana Now party candidate Dan Vacek received 17 votes. A number of ballots had write-in names and other candidates received less than 10 votes.

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