Look how easily you can be robbed while pumping gas

Look how easily you can be robbed while pumping gas
Image: YouTube screen grab (via WCMH)

An increasingly common form of theft has been occurring at gas stations around the country….

“Most of the time, gas station customers leave their car doors unlocked and items like purses and wallets are often left in plain view,” explains the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC). “A thief is able to drive up next to the victim’s car, open an unlocked door, and grab any valuables within reach. Then, the thief quickly drives off. It happens in a matter of seconds.”


As the gas station surveillance camera shows in the video below, a while a customer is pumping gas with her back turned away from her car, the driver of another car pulls up and “slides” into the passenger side door of the woman’s car, grabs her purse, and then drives off — all in a matter of seconds.

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