U.S. busts $300 million fraud ring of phony IRS callers, arrests 56

U.S. busts $300 million fraud ring of phony IRS callers, arrests 56

After all those scam phone calls — and threats we’d be arrested if we didn’t pay up — many of us just knew that it wasn’t really the IRS on the line. But who was it? And when would the authorities ever catch these jerks?

And could somebody please make those awful calls stop?

At last, we’re hearing about a major break in the case. After a three-year joint investigation, the U.S. Department of Justice obtained an indictment involving 56 alleged fraudsters based in the United States and also five call centers in India, all accused of tricking people into paying fake tax bills either by wire or placing money on prepaid cards.

The United States will be seeking the extradition of those based in India and warned others engaged in similar schemes.

The indictment accuses the U.S. arm of the network of grabbing the cash off the prepaid cards and then laundering the money. It also accuses fast-talkers at the call centers of tricking victims into thinking they were talking to the IRS — or authorities from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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