Inexcusable Obama admin. abstains from UN vote to condemn U.S. embargo of Cuba

Inexcusable Obama admin. abstains from UN vote to condemn U.S. embargo of Cuba
Castro raises Obama's limp wrist (Image: YouTube screen grab, via New York Daily News)

[Ed. – Far from striking any blows with this move, the administration actually craps on both U.S. credibility and the making of foreign policy by the U.S. federal government.  There were two and only two correct ways to behave in this situation.  One, vote against the resolution and veto it on the UNSC.  Two, change U.S. policy the lawful way, by putting legislation through Congress and crafting a government agreement to end the embargo.  The Obama administration chose to be passive-aggressive — and therefore slimy, weasely, and dishonorable.  Exit question: was this betrayal of both the American and Cuban people a signal of what may be in store for Israel, and a pending UN resolution “condemning settlements”?]

For the first time ever, the United States abstained from voting on a United Nations resolution condemning America’s embargo on Cuba.

This breaks decades of bipartisan support for U.S. law on the international stage. It shows just how far the Obama administration is willing to take its misguided and ill-informed Cuba policy.

For the past quarter century, the Castro regime annually introduced a U.N. General Assembly resolution blaming America’s trade embargo for the island’s chronic economic and social problems and calling for the end of the embargo. Until Wednesday, the U.S. has always voted against the resolution, often standing virtually alone in defense of human rights and democracy for the Cuban people.

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