Boom: Hillary’s private email address ‘whitelisted’ on Obama’s Blackberry

Boom: Hillary’s private email address ‘whitelisted’ on Obama’s Blackberry

[Ed. – Which means the Oval Office IT squad knew Hillary was using a private email address for State Department business, and knew what the address was.  No IT professional looking at the metadata on her emails could fail to recognize a private, freelance server.  When do these repeated bombshells become so repetitive we don’t even hear them anymore?]

If this wasn’t enough, the way Obama’s BlackBerry is set up offers even more proof the White House knew about Clinton’s email.

President Obama’s high-security BlackBerry used a special process known as “whitelisting” that only allowed it to take calls and messages from pre-approved contacts, two former senior intelligence officials with knowledge of the set-up told Fox News – pointing to the detail as further proof the White House knew Hillary Clinton’s private account was used for government business. …

[T]he “whitelisting” safeguard means Clinton and other contacts would have had to be approved as secure for data transmission – covering everything from emails to texts to phone calls. The Obama BlackBerry would have also been configured to accept the communications.

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“Whitelisting happens by design. The IT professionals who whitelist devices at places like the White House only add the email addresses authorized by management. To do otherwise would be to violate policy in ways that could introduce threats to the system,” Bob Gourley, former chief technology officer for the DIA, told Fox News.

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