Trump votes changed to Clinton on machines, some early Texas voters say

Trump votes changed to Clinton on machines, some early Texas voters say

[Ed. – If this is a ‘calibration error,’ why is it happening only in this direction?]

Some early voters in Texas said that when they reviewed their straight-ticket Republican selections on voting machines one significant candidate choice was changed.

While all down-ballot names indeed reflected GOP candidates, their presidential choice showed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton instead of Republican nominee Donald Trump, the Dallas Morning News reported.

But elections officials counter that the claims are probably false or due to user error, the paper said. More from the Morning News:

Garland City Council member Stephen Stanley said he went to an early voting station at Nicholson Memorial South Branch Library on Tuesday morning while campaigning for candidates on the ballot.

He said around noon a woman came out of the library and told him she had tried to vote straight ticket Republican but the machine said she had voted straight Democrat.

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