13 times Hillary Clinton was a truly ‘nasty woman’

13 times Hillary Clinton was a truly ‘nasty woman’

1. That Time She And Her Husband Funneled Haitian Relief Funds To Clinton Foundation Donors

After an earthquake devastated the island nation in 2010, the Clintons pretended to help the victims, but what happened instead is shady as hell. Let’s rewind to six years ago: Hillary is serving as secretary of State, Bill is the named the United Nations’ designated special representative in charge of its relief fund. In other words, Hillary and her husband were in complete control over how the relief funds from the United States and U.N. were spent in Haiti.


2. When She Threatened A Woman Who Accused Her Husband of Rape

Juanita Broaddrick said Bill Clinton brutally raped her in 1978 while he was running to become governor of Arkansas. Shortly afterwards, Hillary allegedly threatened Broadderick into staying silent about the ordeal — or else.


3. When She Laughed About Getting a Rapist Off

Hillary laughed about getting a convicted rapist she was representing a super short sentence after he brutally raped a 12-year-old girl. Part of her defense strategy was to blame the victim, young Kathy Shelton, by claiming she was “mentally unstable” and had the tendency to “seek out older men.”

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