The battle for the Senate has narrowed to these 6 states

The battle for the Senate has narrowed to these 6 states

After all the head fakes, the millions of dollars in ad reservations made and canceled and the pleas for help from underdogs to D.C. bosses, the battle for the Senate has winnowed to six races.

The Senate will be won, insiders say, in a half-dozen states that could go either way on Election Day: The traditional swing states of Nevada, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, and the newly competitive states of North Carolina, Missouri and Indiana, which historically lean Republican.

By virtue of simple math, the outlook favors Democrats because they have far more paths to victory. They need to pick up four seats to win the majority if Trump loses, and believe Wisconsin and Illinois are in the bag.

“A lot of them, which have been pretty tight for many months now, are moving in our favor,” said Sadie Weiner, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s communications director. “And we’re sitting two-and-a-half weeks out of the election with the wind at our back.”

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