Oh, look: Hillary email trove missing 1,000 between her and Petraeus

Oh, look: Hillary email trove missing 1,000 between her and Petraeus
National security face. (Image via Twitter)

[Ed. – The time period would have covered the Benghazi debacle in September 2012.  The emails are reported to be from Petraeus’ time as CENTCOM commander, which went into 2010, and CIA director, which was 2011-2012 (Nov.).]

The Hillary email scandal saga continues.  This time, the FBI asserts that there a thousand emails between Hillary and General Petraeus missing from records sent to State.

Fox News reports:

Roughly 1,000 emails between Hillary Clinton and Gen. David Petraeus were thought to be missing from the 30,000 emails provided by Clinton’s team to the State Department in December 2014, according to the newly released FBI investigative files. …


“CENTCOM records shows approximately 1,000 work-related emails between Clinton’s personal email and General David PETRAEUS, former Commander of CENTCOM and former Director of the CIA,” said the employee, whose name is redacted, according to the summary. “Most of those 1,000 emails were not believed to be included in the 30,000 emails that IPS was reviewing. Out of the 30,000 emails, IPS only had a few emails from or related to PETRAEUS as well as a few related to Leon PANETTA, former Secretary of Defense.

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