Great news: Hillary’s lawyer may have exposed ALL of her client’s emails to China

Great news: Hillary’s lawyer may have exposed ALL of her client’s emails to China

[Ed. – It seems there is no aspect of this thing that won’t turn out to have been compromised, illegal, or involving behaving stupidly.]

Hillary Clinton’s lawyer may have allowed hackers to obtain all of the former secretary of state’s emails by reviewing the contents of her private server on a laptop tied to Chinese cyberspies, a House Republican charged on Friday.

Heather Samuelson was one of the Clinton aides who sifted through the private email server used during Clinton’s tenure at the State Department, and helped decide which would be designated as personal messages and which were work-related. That’s when the potential Chinese hacks may have taken place, because she used two laptops made by Lenovo, a company with ties to the Chinese government that has sold laptops for years with malware pre-installed on the computer. …

State Department officials have been banned from using Lenovos since 2006. In 2015, the company admitted to installing a program called “Superfish” on 43 different computer models, “specifically the models used by Heather Samuelson for reviewing classified emails,” as [Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA)] emphasized.

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