Polls: Trump gains on Clinton after debate; ‘rigged’ election warning resonates

Polls: Trump gains on Clinton after debate; ‘rigged’ election warning resonates
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[Ed. – I’ll keep saying it until it sticks.  The legitimate “rigged election” concern is about voting fraud sponsored and committed by the Democrats.  It’s not impossible for hackers to attack the election, but that’s not the major concern.  The major concern is fake voter registrations and false ballots cast by dead people, illegals, impostors, etc.  The ploy doesn’t have to be used everywhere.  It only has to be used to falsify electoral results in a few counties in a few swing states.  And it will be.  The evidence is already there.]

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gained on his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton among American voters this week, cutting her lead nearly in half, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling released on Friday.

The polling data showed Trump’s argument that the Nov. 8 election is “rigged” against him has resonated with members of his party.

“Remember folks, it’s a rigged system,” Trump told a Pennsylvania rally on Friday. “That’s why you’ve got to get out and vote, you’ve got to watch. Because this system is totally rigged.”

Clinton led Trump 44 percent to 40 percent, according to the Oct. 14-20 Reuters/Ipsos poll, a 4-point lead. That compared with 44 percent for Clinton and 37 percent for Trump in the Oct. 7-13 poll released last week.

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