Paging Nicolas Cage: Kyrgyzstan has reportedly mislaid its constitution

Paging Nicolas Cage: Kyrgyzstan has reportedly mislaid its constitution

[Ed. – Hey, it can happen.  Think how the IRS mislaid those records of Lois Lerner’s emails for all those months.  Admittedly, with the constitution of Kyrgyzstan, there’s more of a whiff of something spooky like putting the Ark of the Covenant in the U.S. National Archives warehouse in an unmarked packing crate.]

Some weird news for your Friday afternoon: the country of Kyrgyzstan seemingly has no idea as to where the physical copy of its constitution is located. In what appears to be a classic case of multiple parties saying, “wait, I thought you had it,” nobody has any clue about where the original constitution is.

Kyrgyzstan wrote its constitution in June 2010, and realized it was missing on October 19. According to The Independent, some have suggested that this whole situation is an elaborate ruse to distract people from the current political mess in the country.

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