Poll: Anthem protests are fans’ top reason for watching less NFL football on TV

Poll: Anthem protests are fans’ top reason for watching less NFL football on TV
Image: YouTube screen grab (via wochit News)

[Ed. – Only a surprise to the terminally resistant to reality.  The league needs to wake up to the second-ranked reason too.  Making games harder to come by isn’t working as a medium-shaping method, for either the NFL or the media companies.]

Ratings in the NFL, while still stronger than any other challenger on the television landscape, continue to decline, and a new survey by Yahoo Sports and YouGov discerns several reasons why.

In a survey of 1,136 Americans who identified themselves as NFL fans, 29 percent said they are watching fewer NFL games. (Interestingly, 27 percent said they were watching more, though that does not necessarily correlate only a 2 percent net loss.) The fans claiming they watch less of the NFL cited the following reasons:

Protests by Colin Kaepernick and others
Lack of opportunity to watch the NFL
Lost interest in the NFL
Presidential election

Worth noting: the 40 percent of the “watching less NFL” group claiming protests as the reason represents 12 percent of all NFL fans. [And note: that is a BIG, honking percentage of fans to lose all at once.  The author doesn’t seem to really understand that.  It’s not how “few” fans followed through on their vow to stop watching games.  It’s how many actually did.  A 12% drop in anyone’s fan base is a humongous hit. – Ed.]

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