Clueless: White women with college degrees (WWWCDs)

Clueless: White women with college degrees (WWWCDs)

[Ed. – Hey.  I resemble that remark.  Some of us out here in Clueful Land are WWWCDs.  Heck, some of my best friends are WWWCDs.]

These WWWCD have double standards, the hypocrisy of which escapes them completely.  Bill was a Democrat, and Trump is a nominal Republican.  The other thing they learned in college was that you never, ever vote Republican.  They do not need to consider all the ramifications of their decision; they have been properly indoctrinated and are incapable of venturing out of their comfort zone.

They can read about Hillary’s many, many crimes all day long, and it won’t make them think.  They can watch the James O’Keefe videos – all-out criminal behavior, including violence – and the degeneracy they reveal about how the Clinton campaign operates, and it won’t bother them a bit.  Isn’t that how politics has always been played? they ask.  Only on the left. … That they demonstrate Hillary’s and her cohorts’ complete contempt for “everyday people,” for religious people, does not upset them one bit either; they have contempt for those same people.  They were carefully taught while in university.

They don’t care that she put our national security at risk to hide the get-rich schemes she ran through the State Department.  They don’t care that she took in hundreds of millions of dollars for doing nothing but help all the people who donated big money to the Clinton Foundation amass more wealth than they already have.  She has never produced a single thing – not a job, not a constructive policy or legislative success.

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