China gains interesting new BFF, as Philippines’ Duterte says he’s quitting Uncle Sam

China gains interesting new BFF, as Philippines’ Duterte says he’s quitting Uncle Sam
Rodrigo Duterte on the 2016 campaign trail. (Image: Screen grab of video via Rappler, YouTube)

[Ed. – This isn’t funny, of course.  But Duterte does appear to be literally unbalanced.  I wonder if he’s going to be left in office to burn all of the Philippines’ bridges with the U.S.  It would create a whole other set of vulnerabilities if he were removed by a Philippine cabal, so I’m not enthusiastic about that possibility.  But it may be better than the alternative.]

Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte declared his “separation” from longstanding ally the United States in Beijing on Thursday, as he rebalances his country’s diplomacy towards China.

Duterte is in China for a four-day trip seen as confirming his tilt away from Washington and towards Beijing’s sphere of influence — and its deep pockets.

“I announce my separation from the United States,” he said to applause at a meeting in the Chinese capital.

“America does not control our lives. Enough bullsh**,” he added in a rambling speech that flipped between languages. ..

Addressing the Filipino community in Beijing Wednesday, the firebrand leader said the Philippines had gained little from its long alliance with the US, its former colonial ruler.

He also repeated his denunciation of Obama as a “son of a whore”. …

Duterte has also suspended joint US-Philippine patrols in the strategically vital South China Sea, and has threatened an end to joint military exercises.

The South China Sea is of intense interest to Washington and it has repeatedly spoken out on the various territorial disputes between China and its neighbours over the waters.

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