Student’s leg to be amputated after altercation with teacher

Student’s leg to be amputated after altercation with teacher

A 13-year-old student who said he was “thrown to the floor” multiple times by a teacher at Edgewood Student Services Center on Sept. 12 is expected to have his leg amputated today as a result of the alleged incident, according to his attorney.

Attorney Renee Tucker, who represents the boy and his mother, said the student is still being treated at the Egleston Children’s Hospital in Atlanta. His family learned the news about the required amputation over the weekend.

“As anyone can anticipate there was certainly an emotional response,” said Tucker, who said the child will probably need counseling in addition to physical therapy. “I mean, the fact that now it’s led to an amputation just signifies the degree of force that was used with regard to our client, particularly (the teacher) body-slamming him three different times.”

Tucker said the mother also lost her job at a temporary agency, because she spent much of her time by her child’s side.

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