Way: Obama actually tells Trump to ‘stop whining’ about rigged election

Way: Obama actually tells Trump to ‘stop whining’ about rigged election

[Ed. – This is the Obama who doesn’t know how to talk about anything — anything at all — in a non-whining voice.  He’s Mr. Whine, the Whiner-in-Chief, the Voice of the Whiners, the great exponent of whinery for all who feel that their whines have not been adequately expressed before the world and the peoples before now.  This accomplished, lifelong, award-winning whiner actually has the crust to tell someone else not to “whine.”]

I wonder how much of this answer is just Obama riffing on a question and how much of it is calculated. If it’s calculated, there’s a calculated risk involved: The more O attacks Trump, the more Republicans will instinctively want to rally behind the nominee. That could cost Hillary something, as right now she’s trying to hold onto the millions of white college grads in her column who normally vote GOP for president. Then again, Obama’s been attacking Trump for months; if those college-educated Republican voters could shrug off his previous critiques and still stick with Clinton, they’ll shrug this off too. Meanwhile, though, there’s a potential strategic benefit. The more Obama becomes the face of the politicians who are pushing back on Trump’s claims of rigging, the more perilous it becomes for Republicans like Marco Rubio who are also pushing back to take that position. …

Exit question: Since when is Barack Obama a fan of manning up and taking responsibility for one’s own political problems? He’s been whining about Republican obstructionism every day for seven and a half years.

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