School tells student Bill Clinton ‘rape’ t-shirt ‘offensive’

School tells student Bill Clinton ‘rape’ t-shirt ‘offensive’
Image: KCOY video screen grab

In one of the latest instances of liberal school bullying, Brett Abel, a junior at Orcutt Academy High School in California has been targeted by educators for wearing his anti-Clinton t-shirts.

In September of this year, Abel wore a t-shirt with a picture of Bill Clinton on the front. Below the image of Clinton was the word ‘RAPE’. To no surprise, school officials told him his shirt was offensive. According to Abel:

“On September 6th, my school informed me that my shirt was offensive and sexually suggestive.”

“Pretty much I wore this shirt because I want people to know that Bill Clinton is a rapist and that people should look it up and find out more. I just think people aren’t informed and they need to start doing some research with this upcoming election.”

Rhett Carter, Principal of Orcutt Academy High School ordered Abel to change his shirt. Abel then contacted the ACLU who has taken his case and is currently working with the school to inform them what is legal and what isn’t and making suggestions on how to change their policies.

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