Outrage on social media because law was applied equally to black man

Outrage on social media because law was applied equally to black man
Image: AP

[Ed. – Read this whole story.  This guy was drunk and walking in vehicular traffic, and became confrontational and refused to STOP walking in traffic when told to do so by an police officer.  A white man wouldn’t get away with it.  Why should a black man?]

A video of a black Minnesota man being detained and handcuffed apparently for walking in a street near a sidewalk closed for construction is drawing outrage on social media. …

Thomas is seen taking off his coat, shirts and backpack in an attempt to get away from the officer’s grasp. The woman who is shooting the video repeatedly appeals to the officer, saying Thomas appears scared and telling the officer he could help the man instead.

“People die in these situations,” the woman says. “It’s scary.” …

Edina Police say the incident started several minutes prior to the recording, when an officer saw Thomas walking in a lane of traffic…

“I observed Thomas`s actions were obstructing southbound vehicular traffic as vehicles slowed to a walking pace while stacking up behind Thomas,” the officer wrote in an incident report.

[H]e pulled his car behind the man with his lights and signal on in an attempt to advise him to get out of the roadway. Police said Thomas turned and looked at the officer and continued walking in the traffic lane. … Thomas continued to walk in the driving lane and “did not stop and was defiant” when an officer got out of the car and began to follow him. …

According to police, the officer smelled alcohol on Thomas’ breath and a breathalyzer test confirmed he had been drinking.

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