Um, WaPo, your own poll shows Trump and Hillary exactly where they were in July

Um, WaPo, your own poll shows Trump and Hillary exactly where they were in July
(Image: Screen grab of ABC video via Twitter, NYT)

[Ed. – If you survey the web the way bloggers do every day, it’s perfectly transparent that the Hillary boosters are just trying desperately to make memes-n-themes stick.  And one of them is that Trump is in freefall and Hillary is running away with this thing.  Yet one new day after another keeps dawning with Trump still there — not having become a bug-splat on the windshield.  Emphasis in original.]

Sunday night, Matt Drudge characterized a lengthy Sunday evening Washington Post report by John Wagner, Abby Phillip and Jose A. DelReal set to appear in Monday’s paper as an assertion that “CLINTON (HAS) ALREADY WON!”

That’s only a slight exaggeration. The theme of the trio’s report is that Clinton has a secure enough lead that the campaign faces two pleasant options: nail down battleground states by larger margins or try to “expand her efforts to states that Democrats haven’t won in a generation.” But based on the paper’s own joint poll with ABC News, the piece’s entire premise is flawed. That poll shows Mrs. Clinton with a four-point, 47 percent to 43 percent October 10-13 lead — hardly a landslide, and the exact reading seen in the Post’s July 11-14 poll. …

So where is the Post coming up with this idea that Team Clinton can either win battleground states big or pick off a few red-state strongholds, but still be confident of victory either way? Their weird answer — weird this year for sure — is money…

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