Queer transgender campus activist says capitalism ‘greatest threat to basic human rights’

Queer transgender campus activist says capitalism ‘greatest threat to basic human rights’
(Image: Screen grab of Stars and Stripes video, YouTube)

The Syracuse University LGBT Resource Center invited “queer transgender activist” Evan Greer to deliver a workshop this past Wednesday titled “Queer Liberation and Environmental Justice.” In it, Greer claimed “global capitalism is the single greatest threat to basic human rights.”

The activist is a musician and songwriter, and campaign director for the digital rights non-profit Fight for the Future.

The Daily Orange reports that as part of Greer’s exercise, she used “examples of queer opposition and environmental justice to do a group brainstorming session” which ended up “blurring the lines between the two topics.”

Students noted the session “allowed them to connect concepts that seemed initially unrelated.”

From the article:

Greer identified what she said are three essential steps an individual should take to start a successful campaign. First, highlight the root causes of the problem; second, identify the causes behind the problem; and third, connect the dots and start a movement. …

Greer said she believes that despite environmental problems and queer community oppression, society is moving in a positive direction.

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