New York pharmacy’s ‘man tax’ to highlight tampon costs prompts backlash

New York pharmacy’s ‘man tax’ to highlight tampon costs prompts backlash
Image: Reuters

[Ed. – Walk a mile in their shoes … or something along those lines.]

A New York City pharmacy that imposed a tax only on male customers has received some 3,000 hate messages, its co-owner said on Friday, amid a national debate over taxes on feminine hygiene products.

Independent pharmacy Thompson Chemists this week announced it was imposing a one-day 7 percent “man tax” on its male customers after a 2015 study found that women’s products cost 7 percent more than products for men in the city.

Jolie Alony, the pharmacy’s co-owner, said hate messages started pouring in by email, in phone messages and on social media after the owners placed signs outside the store announcing the tax on Monday, in an effort to draw attention to the issue.

“We got 3,000 crazy emails … it was just to show awareness and it went overboard,” Alony said.

“‘You should burn in hell, you should die, you sexist pig’,” said some of the messages the pharmacy received, Alony told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in a telephone interview.

Though described as a tax, the surcharge was in fact a discount to female customers who were waived most of New York’s sales taxes.

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